About Us

We are a family owned and operated business based in St. Louis, Missouri. Orchard was born when we realized that many private citizens and organizations were not aware of the funds they could apply for after a foreclosure.
Frequently, those funds would expire and end up permanently with the government. We thought this was unfair and should be addressed. Our work is helping individuals and organizations apply for money that is rightfully theirs.
Gabe Kveton, Co-founder

I had a foreclosure in 2012 and didn’t know it was possible to get money from the government afterwards. I thought the foreclosure was the end of the line and I washed my hands of it. Unfortunately, I missed my opportunity to recoup some of what I lost.

Orchard was born when I learned what a poor job the government does at getting people money after a foreclosure. The lack of resources for families in this difficult situation really shocked me, and I couldn’t believe how complicated it was to apply for this money. I thought that if people had an ally it would make it easier.

I started this company to make sure that no one else finds themselves in the position of losing out on money owed to them. My passion is to help people move on from a foreclosure by taking advantage of as many resources that are available to them as possible.

Brian joined the Orchard team at the onset to help build our client outreach program and manage claims for our existing clients. Having worked as a social advocate in non-profits, Brian also continues to use his business building skills acting as a private business consultant, while still holding his position at Orchard. He loves being able to help people recover money they often don’t even know they have access to.

Brian E., Claims Manager, Co-founder

Gerardo started his career working for multi-national companies like Dell Computers, Stream Global Services and Convergys. After working in the corporate world, he began working with startups, which is where he discovered his passion for emerging companies and small businesses. Gerardo brings his experience as an Operations Manager and Project Manager to lead Orchard’s New Audits team, which identifies new government agencies to audit for refunds from foreclosures. He enjoys the energy and commitment Orchard has towards its clients and loves working with a company that makes a positive impact in the world.

Gerardo Sosa, New Audits Team Lead

Dustin manages the team at Orchard that acquires and audits government records, which allows Orchard to search for foreclosure refunds that owed to original homeowners. Prior to working with Orchard, Dustin worked as a Customer Support Associate at a Canadian e-commerce business, and then later he led a high-performance team as an Account Manager at a U.S. e-commerce company. Since 2018, Dustin has successfully recruited and trained dozens of motivated staff to get high impact results for clients. He loves knowing his work at Orchard makes a difference in the lives of others.

Dustin Gorenca, Government Audit Manager

Benny spends the majority of his time contacting government agencies who hold funds related to foreclosures. While working with Orchard, Benny is also studying computer science at UBT College of Business and Technology. Before working work at Orchard, Benny developed e-commerce and other WordPress platforms for online businesses. Benny brings his knowledge of computer science and detail orientation to help carefully acquire and audit government records from all over the U.S.

Benny Gashi, Government Audit Specialist

Mary Ann is recently retired and living in St. Louis, MO. Having spent most of her career working with children in the special school district, she is shifting her focus in her retirement and using her skills at managing and maintaining a productive and seamless work environment to streamline the Orchard office space.

Mary Ann Kay, Office Manager