Frequently Asked Questions

We audit government data across the country to locate when a foreclosure has happened and if the homeowner is eligible for money to recoup some of their losses. It’s not available in every situation. We are reaching out to you because we believe there is a good chance we can help you get government money from your foreclosure.
We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. They are dedicated to making sure companies like ours are legitimate, honest, and that we treat our customers fairly. If you still have concerns, we are happy to work with your attorney to apply for your foreclosure money. We will even front that cost, so you don’t have to.
We get paid too, but only if we succeed at getting you money. If we can successfully get you a check from your foreclosure, those government funds pay our fee, not you...so nothing comes out of your pocket. You just get a check!
Yes, you can. However, we’ve already done the hard work for you. We audit hundreds of hard-to-find foreclosure programs and work with an expert legal team to apply for money on your behalf. We can help you get it faster and it doesn’t cost you anything out of pocket.
In some cases, you may have already been notified. Every foreclosure program and agency we work with has a different method for reaching out. Typically, agencies only reach out once or twice, if at all. It may have been delivered to an old address, or you may have thought it was junk mail.
Our fee depends on the nature of your foreclosure and the application process. We will share our fee with you when you call us. And remember, we only get paid if we can successfully get you a check from the government. You get money you didn’t even know about, we get paid for doing our job. It’s a win-win!
No. A portion of the government money pays our fees. You will never be asked to pay us anything.
How much money you receive depends on the nature of the foreclosure and the program providing the money. We have helped our clients get thousands, and sometimes tens of thousands of dollars from these government programs.
In many cases, a lawyer is required to file an application for foreclosure money with the courts. We have lawyers on our team who will do this for you, and we cover the upfront costs. We are also happy to work with, and pay for the upfront costs, of your preferred attorney.
That depends on the program and agency providing the funds. Generally we see checks go out within 90-120 days, but we have seen some agencies issue the funds after one year.
Not necessarily. You may be able to keep it. The best way to find out is to sign up and have our lawyers research your case. This costs you nothing, so contact us today.
If you are on Medicaid, before we apply for the money, you will get a full legal consultation to determine the implications. This will cost you nothing. Don’t be discouraged as there may be ways around this constraint.
Yes. Most of these government programs are only available for a limited time. If we’ve contacted you, it means your foreclosure is eligible and the window for you to apply is open. Let’s get started today!