How it works

We help you get a refund after a foreclosure…in 4 simple steps.

When a foreclosure takes place, many times there is money being held by the government or another agency afterwards. The property owner, or their heirs, can apply for this money. This information is publicly available, but hard to find.

Most people who go through a foreclosure don’t know about this and even most lawyers are not aware of this.

1. We find money and reach out to you

We audit government agencies and programs, to identify homeowners, heirs or organizations who are eligeble to receive money from their, or their deceased relative’s foreclosure. If you are eligible, we reach out to make you aware that you can apply for this money.

2. You sign up with us

As your authorized representatives we get to work getting you this money. We perform a deeper analysis of your case and our legal team works with you to prepare the necessary documentation for a successful application. This costs you nothing. We only get paid if you get paid.

3. We submit your application/motion

We file your application or motion with a government agency or the court, depending on the specific requirements. From this point on we wait, but we keep an eye on your case. If any further steps are required, we will contact you immediately and work with you to take care of whatever is needed for your application to succeed.

4. You get a check

The process ends when you receive your money in a cashier’s check. The foreclosure refund also pays for our fee plus any expenses we fronted for your case.

We want to see you receive this money that the government would otherwise keep. This is why we do everything we can to make the process easy and risk-free for you.